Kate HowellsMar 08, 2023

Welcome to your member community!

The Planetary Society is proud to offer our members a brand new, exclusive online community.

On a web browser or in the app, Planetary Society members around the world can use this interactive virtual space to connect with each other, with world-class space experts, and with Planetary Society staff and spokespeople. Members can read and discuss the latest articles, take free online courses, and share tips and tools for all the things space enthusiasts do, from community outreach to astrophotography, advocacy to artwork, and so much more.

This is your place in space. It’s where you can collaborate with people who share your interests, passions, and goals. It’s where you can deepen your knowledge of the Cosmos and our efforts to explore it. And it’s where you can have fun and make friends with like-minded people from around the world.

The Planetary Society is at its core just that: a society. We started as a small group of individuals, but in the decades since our founding our membership has grown around the planet. We are people of all nationalities, ages, and walks of life, united by a shared belief in the value of space science and exploration. This new platform will give that society a place to meet, to work together, and to accomplish more than we can as individuals. The digital member community is something we’ve been working towards for a long time, and we’re excited to see how our members will use it.

If you aren’t yet a Planetary Society member, this is one more reason to join.

Member community screenshot
Member community screenshot

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