Mat KaplanMar 22, 2023

The Planetary Society’s Space Book Club

It’s my pleasure to announce the founding of the Planetary Society Book Club. This is the space book club you’ve been waiting for — a chance to discuss great books with fellow space enthusiasts, authors, and other experts.

The book club will take place in our new online member community, where thousands of Planetary Society members are already connecting with each other, having stimulating conversations, and sharing their love of space science and exploration. If you’re not a member already, now is the time to join.

For the inaugural month of the Planetary Society Book Club we’re starting big. Our first selection is Project Hail Mary, the number-one bestselling novel by our good friend Andy Weir. When all life on Earth is threatened by an unlikely, interstellar threat, it falls to one, very reluctant hero to save us all. It’s an outstanding example of Andy’s unique, wildly inventive storytelling that is full of laughs, suspense, surprises and mind-blowing ideas.

I have no doubt that many of you have already read and enjoyed the book. If you haven’t, now is most definitely the time. I’ll be leading discussions about the book in the member community throughout the next month, and in late April Andy will join us for a virtual event to chat about the book and take your questions and comments.

Here’s my delightful 2021 Planetary Radio conversation with Andy about the book. Fair warning: There are spoilers!

Stay with us as we announce a new book each month. We’ll take on fiction and non-fiction, and we’ll connect you with more authors and experts to deepen the conversation. We also hope to get your help in deciding some of what we’ll read.

Visit the new Book Club channel in the member community to hear more and join the fun. I can hardly wait to read your contributions to great conversations about great books. Start reading!

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