Emily LakdawallaMay 02, 2010

Snapshots from the move, part 1

Here are a few photos taken on Friday, April 30, 2010, The Planetary Society's very last day in our old headquarters at 65 North Catalina Avenue in Pasadena. Tomorrow (already "today" for most readers) is the move-in day at 85 North Grand; I'll have more pictures later this week showing the new place. (You won't find me in these pictures because I escaped the really hard work owing to the fact that I'm only part-time and won't actually have an office in the new building; I work from home, mostly.)

Financial Director Lu Coffing packs up her desk
Financial Director Lu Coffing packs up her desk
Staff at transition ceremony
Staff at transition ceremony Lou Friedman hands keys to Gaylaird Christopher. Christopher is the new owner of the building that served as The Planetary Society's home for 25 years, at 65 North Catalina Avenue in Pasadena, California.
A reminder of the past
A reminder of the past Lou presents a Mars Globe to the new owner as a reminder of The Planetary Society's historic 25 years in the building.
Handing over the keys
Handing over the keys Gaylaird Christopher, of Architecture 4 Education, and Lou shake hands.
Last day at 65 North Catalina
Last day at 65 North Catalina Planetary Society staff and the realtor pose one last time in front of The Planetary Society's old headquarters. Back row, left to right: Susan Lendroth, Events and Communications Manager; Louis Friedman, Executive Director; Marie Taylor, realtor; Jennifer Vaughn, Director of Publications; Bruce Betts, Director of Projects and "What's Up" guy on Planetary Radio; Charlene Anderson, Associate Director and Editor, The Planetary Report; Stephanie Lam, Data Processing Manager; Lu Coffing, Financial Director; Andrea Carroll, Development Director; Monica Lopez, Marketing and Interactive Manager; Virginia Lalas, Assistant Financial Manager; Linda Wong, Administrative Assistant; Brandon Schoelz, Network Administrator. Front row, left to right: Melanie Lam, Membership Manager; Tami Lin, Membership Associate; Donna Stevens, Associate Editor, The Planetary Report.

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