Erin GreesonNov 04, 2014

Undeniable Commitment to Education, Empowerment & Understanding the Cosmos

Today, The Planetary Society celebrates our CEO Bill Nye’s latest science education feat: the release of his book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation.

Undeniable details evolutionary theory and explains how it is founded in verifiable scientific method. Among its rich spectrum, Undeniable examines space exploration’s significance: why we seek to understand the cosmos and our place within it. From an astrobiological overview to a journey through the Second Genesis hypothesis, Bill encourages readers to explore science behind subjects that speak to inherent questions: who are we, where did we came from, and are we alone?

The book delves into principles Bill advocated during his February debate with Creation Museum curator, Ken Ham. In the March Equinox issue of The Planetary Report (vol. 34, no. 1), Bill described why his creationism debate was critical today and contiguous with past efforts by Carl Sagan, Planetary Society cofounder (and Bill’s unforgettable astronomy professor at Cornell University).“I felt it was appropriate to debate Mr. Ham in the same way that it was appropriate for Carl Sagan to debate Immanuel Velikovsky about his extraordinary and very wrong assumptions about the natural history of Venus and its environment. Just as we do now, people everywhere had a deep interest in what might be up there and out there in deep space. Velikovsky was wrong and Carl Sagan took the time to call him on it.”

While his contagious optimism inspires millions, Bill makes it clear that depriving kids of the science education they need to succeed is no laughing matter. September’s edition of Popular Science magazine featured a cover story about Bill’s fight to save science. Ryan Bradley’s profile piece, “Bill Nye Fights Back,” provided perspective of colleagues that spoke to The Planetary Society community: “When I called [Dr. Neil deGrasse] Tyson to ask about Nye’s newfound fight, he said it was in part an aspect of his role helming The Planetary Society…. he was standing up for something bigger than the Science Guy, something that was true not only to him, but to all the scientists he represented.”

Bill Nye is outspoken about his favorite planet: Earth. He shares why space exploration increases our understanding of how precious Earth is. Just as Carl Sagan championed evolutionary theory and understanding the cosmos, Bill promotes a body of knowledge for people to learn, explore and value cosmic wonders through sound scientific principles. Through his work as an educator, entertainer, science advocate and Planetary Society leader, Bill engages kids and people of all ages in – well – the undeniable empowerment of learning. His book is a landmark to celebrate.

Congratulations, Bill!

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