Mat KaplanNov 01, 2013


Live coverage from Pasadena and Cape Canaveral!

I learned how important the MAVEN mission is when I visited with Principal Investigator Bruce Jakosky. That's why I'm so excited about our live coverage of the spacecraft's launch.  It's set for Monday, November 18, at 10:28am Pacific.  Our show will start an hour before.  Hosting us, once again, will be Southern California Public Radio. I'll be joined by Director of Projects Bruce Betts and Planetary Evangelist Emily Lakdawalla.  Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye will be at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base to watch the liftoff.  We'll check in with him and special guests like Society President and planetary scientist Jim Bell.

There's more information on our event page, but you can cut to the chase and make your reservation on the SCPR website.  It won't cost you anything to attend, but a RSVP is required. 

I hope to see you in Pasadena, but you can be part of the excitement from anywhere on Earth!  Watch the live webcast on the same SCPR page where RSVPs are taken.  The player may not be posted till shortly before we begin.  We'll also post the show on soon after we're done, and you can count on hearing excerpts as part of an upcoming Planetary Radio episode.  Of course, all this depends on the spacecraft and its Atlas V being ready to go when the launch window opens.  We'll provide updated information on the event page. 

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