Mat KaplanNov 20, 2012

Planetary Radio Live--Celebrating Curiosity

Leaders of the Mars Science Laboratory mission join Bill Nye and others on stage.

Discoveries on Mars are rolling in as Curiosity rolls across the planet’s surface.  Join us on the afternoon of December 15 as we celebrate the powerful rover and its spectacular mission with the leaders of the Curiosity team, Project Manager Richard Cook and Project Scientist John Grotzinger. They’ll tell Bill Nye the Science Guy, “Planetary Evangelist” Emily Lakdawalla and host Mat Kaplan how the nuclear-powered laboratory on wheels is revealing the Red Planet’s secrets, including whether it might once have been able to support life. You’ll want to kick up your feet when Gypsy Jazz band Hedgehog Swing cuts loose with the Star Wars Cantina song, and you may win a prize when the Planetary Society’s Bruce Betts tosses out a few space trivia questions and a Random Space Fact or two. 

Admission is free, but you must RSVP with Southern California Public Radio.

Saturday, December 15

Doors open at 1:30pm

Program begins at 2:00pm.

Souther California Public Radio

Mohn Broadcast Center

474 South Raymond Avenue

Pasadena, CA  91105

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