Emily LakdawallaNov 13, 2012

A spectacular calendar for 2013

Steve Cariddi's Year in Space wall calendar is beautiful. And the amount and variety of information that Steve has crammed into each month's spread is amazing. Each month features many beautiful photos with detailed captions; a profile of a related astronaut, scientist, or engineer; random space facts; a monthly sky guide; daily Moon phases; US/Canada holidays; and an assortment of space history dates. You can preview all twelve months' pages in detail at the Year in Space website. (Just click on the individual months' pictures to see the enlargements.)

The Planetary Society has been working with Steve for many years on his calendars, and each one is better than the last. Buy this one for yourself or your favorite kid. Or, buy several -- there are volume discounts -- and give them to schoolteachers!

Year in Space 2013 Wall Calendar
Year in Space 2013 Wall Calendar

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