Kate HowellsJul 31, 2015

Our Global Volunteers: July 2015 Update

The Planetary Society's volunteers around the world have been busy these past few months, with all the excitement surrounding Asteroid Day, the LightSail test mission, the New Horizons and Dawn missions, and other space milestones. With each advancement in exploration comes an opportunity to share the excitement with the public, and inspire new interest in space. 

The Planetary Society's volunteers and outreach coordinators work hard to share their enthusiasm, optimism and commitment to space exploration with the people in their communities. Here are a few snapshots of our stellar volunteers at work.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles Outreach coordinator Chris Streeter set up a telescope and materials to teach people about space at the 65th Annual Los Angeles Science Fair.
Inland Empire
Inland Empire Planetary Society volunteers got some help from a Storm Trooper at the annual Star Wars Day in California’s Inland Empire.
Women on the Move Network
Women on the Move Network Outreach coordinator Cori Charles talked to young girls about astronomy and exploration as part of the Women on the Move Network mentorship program.
I C Ceres
I C Ceres Planetary Society volunteers participated in the California Institute of Technology’s “I C Ceres” event, celebrating the arrival of NASA’s Dawn spacecraft at the dwarf planet Ceres.
Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory A Planetary Society volunteer at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, ready to share the passion, beauty and joy of astronomy.
Brazil Outreach coordinator Jose Costa gives a presentation on the LightSail mission at a university in Natal, Brazil.
Portugal Volunteer
Portugal Volunteer Outreach coordinator Miguel Goncalvez teaches youngsters in Portugal about the Earth, Moon, stars, planets and galaxies.
Venezuelan schoolchildren
Venezuelan schoolchildren Schoolchildren in Venezuela get excited about astronomy during the Asteroid Day event organized by outreach coordinator Patrick Morton.
Pennsylvania Outreach coordinator Philip Rossomando (right) with a display table at the Johnsville Centrifuge and Science Museum in Warminster, Pennsylvania where he gave a presentation on interstellar space travel.
Toronto Planetary Society volunteers at the Science Rendezvous festival in Toronto made planets with local kids.
Belgium A volunteer at an Asteroid Day event in Leuven, Belgium showed a classic video of Carl Sagan on the Johnny Carson show, talking about solar sailing.
Vancouver Outreach coordinator Kenneth Lui represented The Planetary Society at Vancouver’s H.R. MacMillan Space Centre during its Asteroid Day event.

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