Emily LakdawallaJul 23, 2018

Hello from the new editor of The Planetary Report

Hello, world.

I'm honored to be the new editor of The Planetary Society's flagship magazine, The Planetary Report. Our magazine, which circulates to all of our members in print or digital form, was started by Carl Sagan, developed by Charlene Anderson, and nurtured into its present form by Jennifer Vaughn and Donna Stevens. The bar for accuracy, quality, and inspiration that my predecessors have set will be tough to meet, but I'm game for the challenge.

Through the nearly 40 years of its existence, The Planetary Report has brought the words of space explorers to the eyes of our members. Scientists, engineers, astronauts, artists, and futurists have all written for our pages. The Report also informs Planetary Society members about our policy work and technology initiatives. As such, it serves our mission to educate the public. Or, at least, it educates that part of the public that has taken the step of joining The Planetary Society to further humanity's efforts to explore and understand our place in the universe.

I've actually been involved with The Planetary Report for years. Lots of scientists at conferences have excitedly told me about their work, only to have me turn around and ask them if they'd be willing to channel that excitement into an article for either the website or the magazine. (To anybody reading this who's promised but not delivered an article to me: I'm not mad, and I'm still interested in your work, no matter how many years it's been.)

Now that I'm overseeing the production of both web and print materials, I hope to be able to bring the website and the magazine a little closer together. I'll do this carefully and conservatively, maintaining the high editorial quality of the magazine. I welcome members' input and feedback on the future of the magazine; contact [email protected].

I hope some of you who aren't members yet will be interested in beginning this new adventure with me by joining The Planetary Society. The first issue under my guidance will be published in September.

I can't wait to see where this next orbit takes us.

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