Emily LakdawallaMay 08, 2014

Upcoming public appearances: Spacefest and ISDC

Just a quick couple of updates on upcoming public appearances -- some of the details have changed:

May 9: Spacefest, Pasadena, California

Spacefest website »

Friday, May 9, 10:15-11:15: [NEW TIME] I'll be presenting "The New Mars," a talk that came out of the research I did for my recent Sky & Telescope article on water on Mars. After fifty years of Mars exploration, what have we learned and why are we still going back? Why do we keep discovering water on Mars, and why are we still searching for it? What's next in Mars exploration? It will, of course, be amply illustrated with gorgeous images, and packed full of science, because I know the Pasadena crowd can handle that.

Spacefest runs from May 8 through 11; throughout the event, there will be several other Planetary Society staffers running around, including Casey Dreier, Bruce Betts, and Mat Kaplan.

May 16-17: International Space Development Conference, Los Angeles

ISDC website »

On Friday, May 16, I'll be speaking on two panels in the Space in the Media track: one featuring space book authors at 10:00 a.m., and one featuring space journalists at 2:00 p.m. There is some information about those panels at this website, but they don't list me on the afternoon panel there. The ISDC organizers have assured me they want me on that panel and expect me to be there, they just can't get their website edited for some reason. The morning panel will be my first public appearance shilling for my forthcoming book: Curiosity on Mars: Design, Planning, and the First Mars Year of Operations, to be published by Springer-Praxis in 2015. On the afternoon panel, I'll join Tariq Malik, Ian O'Neill, Jeff Foust, Guy Webster, and Rod Pyle.

On Saturday, May 17 at 3:00, Mat Kaplan will be recording Planetary Radio Live. More details here!



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