Kate HowellsFeb 19, 2015

Our Global Volunteers: February 2015 Update

The Planetary Society has amazing volunteers doing outreach work around the globe. Check out what they've been up to recently and go to planetary.org/volunteer to see how you can get involved!

Volunteer activities around the world
Volunteer activities around the world Check out the volunteer album on our Flickr page to see what we've been up to across the globe!Image: The Planetary Society
Mexico City
Mexico City Celso Mosqueira, outreach coordinator for Mexico City, presented a talk on space science to local high school students.
Linares, Chile
Linares, Chile Christian Chavez is professor of astronautics at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and outreach coordinator for The Planetary Society in Chile. He took part in Physics Day for high school students in Linares, directing a water rocket challenge and speaking to students about astronautics and college opportunities in physics.
New York chapter trip to Interstellar
New York chapter trip to Interstellar The New York City outreach group organized a trip to see the movie Interstellar, preceded by a presentation on interstellar space travel by outreach coordinator Raul Heugas.
University of British Columbia, Canada
University of British Columbia, Canada UBC Sharing Science, a club run by TPS outreach coordinator Jason Fernando, shared information about the Society with students at the university’s annual club fair.

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