The Cost of NASA's Psyche Mission to a Metallic Asteroid

The Psyche mission is estimated to cost $960.6 million. Of this total, $677.1 million was for spacecraft development, $112.7 million was for its launch, and $171 million will be spent on operations during its 6-year prime mission.

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NASA's Psyche mission, costs per fiscal year. Future years reflect official projections. The spacecraft begins its 6-year prime mission in 2022. Source: Planetary Science Budget Dataset, compiled by Casey Dreier for The Planetary Society (accessible on Google Sheets or downloadable as an Excel file).

Spacecraft Development$677.1 million
Launch Services (Falcon Heavy)$112.7 million
Prime Mission Operations (12 years)$170.8 million
Total$960.6 million

Detailed data available in Planetary Exploration Budget Dataset.

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