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Voyager 2 view of Europa

Voyager 2 view of Europa
Voyager 2 view of Europa Neither of the two Voyagers passed particularly close to Europa. This is one of the best views of Europa obtained during the Voyager mission, reprocessed in 2010 by Ted Stryk. NASA / JPL / Ted Stryk

The original data was captured from a distance of 250,000 kilometers on July 9, 1979 beginning at about 14:15 UTC. The image is enlarged by about 1.7x from the original data, which was stacked to improve detail. The original data was taken through orange, blue, violet, and ultraviolet color filters. This is not ideal for producing a natural-color view; Stryk mixed the high-resolution color-filter data with wide-angle color data taken later through orange, green, and violet filters to make the color a bit closer to true.

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