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Spirit "Husband Hill Summit" Panorama (sols 583-586)

Spirit "Husband Hill Summit" Panorama (sols 583-586)
Spirit "Husband Hill Summit" Panorama (sols 583-586) This is the Spirit Pancam "Husband Hill Summit" panorama, acquired on sols 583 to 586 (24-27 Aug 2005), shortly after Spirit completed its climb to the summit of Husband Hill. This is the largest panorama yet acquired from the Spirit rover. This panorama provided the team's first view of the "Inner Basin" region (center of the image), including the enigmatic "Home Plate" feature seen from orbital data. Spirit arrived at the summit from the west, along the direction of the rover tracks seen in the middle right of the panorama. The peaks of "McCool Hill" and "Ramon Hill" can be seen on the horizon near the center of the panorama. The summit region itself is a broad, windswept plateau. Spirit spent more than month exploring the summit region, measuring the chemistry and minerology of soils and rocky outcrops at the peak of "Husband Hill" for comparison with similar measurments obtained during the ascent before descending into the Inner Basin. NASA / JPL-Caltech / Cornell

The panorama consists of 653 separate images in 6 different Pancam filters, and covers all of the rover deck and the full 360 degrees of surface rocks and soils that were visible to the Pancams from this position. This is the first time the team has been able to image the entire rover deck and visible surface from the same position. Stitching together of all the images took significant effort because of the large changes in resolution and parallax across the scene. The image is an approximate true color rendering using Pancam's 750nm, 530nm, and 480nm filters for the surface, and the 600nm, 530nm,and 480nm filters for the rover deck. Image-to-image seams have been eliminated from the sky portion of the mosaic to better simulate the vista a person standing on mars would see.

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