Gibbous Mimas
Gibbous Mimas Cassini made its second-closest flyby of Saturn's moon Mimas on 14 January 2016. During this flyby, Cassini obtained a mosaic of Mimas' trailing hemisphere through several filters. Saturnshine is especially apparent in these images, resulting in beautiful images of a gibbous Mimas where the nightside is also clearly visible. This four-frame mosaic is comprised of images obtained during that flyby at a range of ~40,000 km. North is up and the mosaic is centered near longitude 270°. NASA / JPL-Caltech / SSI / Björn Jónsson

To minimize changes between adjacent images in the mosaic, amateur image processor Björn Jónsson used two GRN and two IR3 images. As Mimas is not a very colorful object, it was possible to create a monochrome mosaic using images acquired with different filters.