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Every Mars landing attempt as of June 2020

Every Mars landing attempt as of June 2020
Every Mars landing attempt as of June 2020 EDITOR'S NOTE: This infographic is current as of June 2020. An updated version is available here. Mars has seen 12 landing attempts, of which 8 have led to successful surface missions. All successes were also NASA missions. NASA has had only one Mars landing failure. ESA has made 2 unsuccessful attempts. Russia has tried 3 times. Of those, one—Mars 3—may have landed successfully, but ceased communication soon after. This map shows all of those sites, plus proposed landing regions for 3 future missions, on a shaded-relief map produced using Mars Global Surveyor laser altimeter data. The map will be updated with actual landing locations in early 2021 after the 2020 launches reach Mars. Emily Lakdawalla for The Planetary Society. Base maps processed by Patrick McGovern from MOLA data

A simpler version with only successful and future landings is available here.

Here also is a PDF version of the map of all Mars landing sites. It is editable in Illustrator and includes alternative colorings of the map as extra layers.

This map has been updated since its first posting. Current version: 1.4 (24 Jul 2020)