Jack Kiraly head shot

Jack Kiraly

Director of Government Relations, The Planetary Society

cell: ‭+1 (202) 746-8281 email: [email protected]

Growing up in the heart of the American industrial belt in Dearborn, Michigan, Jack Kiraly earned an appreciation for hard-work and perseverance from his parents, who both worked long hours on the factory floor. He also learned the importance of unity in accomplishing great feats. Human beings are capable of awe-inspiring things when they band together. To Jack, space is an arena that brings people together across political, economic, and demographic identities to move society forward.

As Director of Government Relations, Jack is tasked with implementing The Society’s advocacy strategy, maintaining relationships with elected officials and key decision makers, organizing events to foster community engagement, and serving as the eyes and ears of the organization in the nation’s capital. A key goal of Jack’s is to use this opportunity to not only involve the scientific community in the policymaking process, but to also engage and empower members of the general public to take action to support space science and exploration.

Prior to joining The Planetary Society, Jack worked in electoral politics and community organizing. This experience gives him a skillset of working with various constituencies, building diverse coalitions, and mobilizing activists to successfully advocate for their values.

Just as space inspired him to pursue his dreams as a child, Jack knows that a robust space program not only transforms our understanding of the Universe and our place within it, but it ignites a passion for discovery and learning that transcends division. In a world often defined by boundaries, Jack sees space as a way to unite people in the pursuit of science.

Jack graduated from American University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Master of Public Policy degree focusing in Science & Space Policy. Jack lives in Falls Church with his fiancée, their parakeet Paco, and 19 houseplants. He promises he won’t tell you all of their names.

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