Ed Fenimore head shot

Ed Fenimore

Astrophysicist (Retired), Los Alamos National Laboratory

Fenimore received his PhD from the University of Chicago and spent his career at Los Alamos as an astrophysicist working on the birth of black holes seen from across the Universe and the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. Appointed a Laboratory Fellow in 1998, Fenimore is a two-time winner of the NASA Group Achievement Award and has won the Los Alamos Distinguished Performance Award nine times. He was a member of the 2007 team that won the Rossi Prize, the highest honor in high-energy astrophysics research. He was the lead LANL scientist on several satellites including the Swift satellite, launched by NASA 10 years ago from Cape Canaveral. He currently splits his so-called retirement between working at Los Alamos, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and volunteering at elementary schools.


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