Solar system montage with eight planets

Brianna Robertson, age 17


Justification for the name: "Thoth is the Egyptian messenger of the gods, as well as the god of wisdom, and had great power that rivaled that of Ra and Osiris. He's said to be the inventor of astronomy, astrology, mathematics, geometry, and several other things. I think this would be fitting, because we should learn a great deal from the asteroid. The asteroid is also powerful, in terms of the damage it could cause if it hit anything."

What do you want to see next in space? "Last year I did an honors project for Chemistry. The prompt was that I was a scientist looking for liquid water in the solar system, and I had to choose from a list of planets and moons that were most likely to harbor liquid water. I had to pitch my mission to a group of investors, and explain not only why they should back my mission, but explain why the other planets and moons were not good candidates. After some quick research, I thought Enceladus was perfect, but it wasn't on the list. I got permission from my teacher to pitch Enceladus, and it was easily the most fascinating learning experience I had all year."