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Andrew Rush

Andrew Rush is a patent agent with a passion for space! At PCT Law Group, he helps emerging companies in a variety of industries patent their technologies and provides advice on intellectual property development strategies. He blogs about space law, intellectual property, and the emerging space industry at IPinSpace.com.

Latest Articles

FAA smooths path to commercial spaceflight

The FAA will allow operators of Class III amateur rockets to apply for launch licenses, smoothing the path for commercial spaceflight providers.

Making Pictures based on NASA Imagery

When amateurs process NASA images, can they hold copyright over them? Yes, sometimes. Andrew Rush of IPinspace.com explains the law.

Customary International Law: Herding Cats in Zero Gravity

When it comes to emerging industries like extraterrestrial resource mining, customary international law can seem like attempting to herd cats in zero gravity. Pinning down what is “fair” and “customary” in areas where no man has gone before can seem daunting but it also presents the unique opportunity to shape international custom by establishing them.