The Planetary Society Presents NASA Recommendations to the Biden-Harris Administration

“Just think, your gift to the future could be a Mars rock, collected by men and women of this generation, sitting in the Oval Office of a future president.”

For Immediate Release
February 10, 2021

Danielle Gunn
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Pasadena, CA (February 10, 2021) — The Planetary Society, the world’s largest independent space interest organization, released a paper outlining 5 recommendations for how the Biden administration can use NASA to support science, grow the nation’s economy, and protect the planet.

The recommendations are to:

  1. Deepen our commitment to NASA’s science programs

  2. Continue human spaceflight on the path from the Moon to Mars

  3. Take active steps to protect the planet from dangerous asteroids and comets

  4. Use NASA as a tool to grow our economy, enhance our manufacturing base, nurture our skilled workforce, and strengthen international alliances

  5. Implement the “5 over 5” plan: annual 5% increases to NASA’s budget over the next five years

Taken together, these recommendations provide a proven pathway to galvanizing the nation by way of an invigorated space program. They are both achievable and affordable; inspirational and eminently practical. These investments benefit the taxpayer directly through economic, safety, and workforce benefits; indirectly via the inspiration of a new generation of scientists, engineers, and critical-thinkers; and spiritually, through the profound nature of new discoveries and insights into our cosmos.

As the nation begins to look forward past the COVID-19 pandemic, decisions must be made now to help set the groundwork for the coming economic and social recovery. NASA’s exploration and science programs can contribute to that recovery. The Planetary Society and its worldwide membership stand ready to support the new administration and Congress as they consider NASA’s future.

In an accompanying video, Bill Nye, CEO of the Planetary Society, said:

“By the end of the decade I believe we could see humans return to the Moon. I believe we could see a fleet of spacecraft exploring our nearby worlds, searching for life and peering deeper into the cosmos than ever before. We could better understand the Earth’s climate. Just think, your gift to the future could be a Mars rock, collected by men and women of this generation, sitting in the Oval Office of a future President. President Biden and Vice-President Harris, I urge you to embrace the opportunity that is NASA. Space exploration is not something done 'out there.' It’s done here, for all of us, in our nation, and on Earth.”

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Planetary Society Report: NASA Recommendations for the Biden Administration

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