Space enthusiasts travel to Washington, D.C., for The Planetary Society’s Day of Action

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September 18, 2023

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Washington, D.C. (September 18, 2023) — More than 100 space enthusiasts from around the country have traveled to Washington, D.C., today to advocate for increased investments in NASA’s space science program.

They are all members of The Planetary Society, the space advocacy organization co-founded by Carl Sagan and today led by CEO Bill Nye. The Planetary Society organizes this annual event, called the Day of Action, to bring together members of the public with their representatives in Congress to advocate for space exploration. It is the largest space advocacy effort of its kind for non-professionals.

“It’s truly awe-inspiring,” said Jack Kiraly, The Planetary Society's Director of Government Relations. “We’re witnessing an unparalleled commitment from individuals who believe so deeply in space exploration that they are willing to personally journey to our nation's capital to advocate for the future of space. This demonstrates that people of all walks of life are committed to uncovering the mysteries of our Universe and united in support of space science."

This year’s Day of Action takes place amidst looming threats of spending cuts to NASA’s budget which would impact its plans to launch an octocopter to explore Saturn’s moon Titan, search for asteroids and comets that could pose a threat to life on Earth, and retrieve and return the Perseverance rover’s pivotal samples back to Earth.

Due to the pandemic, the last several years necessitated a virtual approach to the Day of Action. Today’s event marks a return to in-person — and it’s backed by a massive number of participants, all of whom paid their own way to participate.

“A very large number of members are making the trip to Capitol Hill this year,” said Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye. “It's a testament to our passion for space exploration and the concern we all have about the future of U.S. leadership in planetary science.”

Space enthusiasts who couldn’t travel to Washington D.C. today are urged to advocate by writing to their representatives using a pre-written letter provided by The Planetary Society. Non-U.S. citizens can also help the effort by voicing their support for space exploration on social media using the hashtags #FundNASA and #DayofAction.

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Planetary Society members on Capitol Hill during the 2023 Day of Action
Planetary Society members on Capitol Hill during the 2023 Day of Action Image: The Planetary Society
Planetary Society members at the 2023 Day of Action
Planetary Society members at the 2023 Day of Action Image: The Planetary Society
Planetary Society members Day of Action training
Planetary Society members Day of Action training Director of Government Relations Jack Kiraly leads a training session with Planetary Society members the day before the 2023 Day of Action to advocate for space exploration on Capitol Hill.Image: The Planetary Society

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