Planetary Society Members Travel to Washington to Push for Investment in NASA

Annual Day of Action brings 115 space advocates from 28 states to Washington, D.C. on Monday, February 10, 2020

Press Statement
February 10, 2020

Danielle Gunn
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Washington, D.C. (February 10, 2020) — The Planetary Society, the world’s largest independent space interest organization, is holding its annual Day of Action in Washington, D.C. today, the same day the White House releases its FY 2021 NASA budget request. 

Society members from 28 states will meet with more than 150 congressional offices and encourage lawmakers to support space science and exploration programs at NASA. The members are private citizens who have traveled to the Capitol using their own resources.

“I’ve always wanted to find a way to help NASA,” said Peter Kitch, a Society member and Day of Action participant from Los Angeles, California. “Most of the people on Capitol Hill are expecting the professional lobbyists that are being paid to show up and to be pushing an agenda. That’s what’s unique about this group. We’re just fans of space.”

“I’m humbled by the dedication of our members,” said Casey Dreier, The Planetary Society’s Chief Advocate and organizer of the Day of Action. “They are taking time off of work or school to attend. Washington, D.C. is not cheap for travel or lodging. They are here because they truly believe in the value of the space program.”

Thousands more Planetary Society members and supporters will join those in Washington, D.C. by contacting their government representatives from home. The Planetary Society encourages people around the world to pledge to join the Day of Action, with resources and online training at

“This is a great time to be a space advocate,” added Dreier. “The next decade of human spaceflight is being debated right now. So is the future of robotic exploration at Mars and beyond. Critical investments are proposed for planetary defense. It is essential that the public participates in this discussion to ensure a bright future for space exploration.”

“I think everybody underestimates how much a single person can contribute,” Kitch concluded. 

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Casey Dreier, Chief Advocate and Senior Space Policy Adviser, is available for interviews. Please arrange with Danielle Gunn, chief communications officer, at [email protected]

Day of Action 2020 Group Photo
Day of Action 2020 Group Photo The Planetary Society's 2020 Day of Action in Washington, D.C. drew 115 members from 28 states to advocate for space exploration.Image: The Planetary Society

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How you can help fund NASA Help fund NASA and join us in Washington, D.C.! Planetary Society members Mari and Peter traveled with their fellow advocates last year and helped advance space science and exploration.

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