The Planetary Report • December Solstice 2016

A Peak Year: 2016 Year in Pictures

On the Cover: Jupiter’s north and south poles bookend this issue of <i>The Planetary Report</i>, courtesy of Juno. Storm systems and weather unlike anything encountered in the solar system are visible in this color-enhanced view of the gas giant’s north pole. Much like Earthly hurricanes, some of these storms have a pinwheel shape. Juno’s tracking of these features over many orbits will enhance our understanding of Jupiter’s atmospheric dynamics


2 Calling All Charter Members: Envisioning a new outreach program.

5 The Year in Pictures: Emily Lakdawalla highlights some of her favorite images from the past year.

14 Rocket Road Trip Jason Davis takes us on a tour of NASA's field centers.

16 Making Space for Our Past: Amir Alexander recounts how The Planetary Society's history project began.

20 The Home Stretch: Bruce Betts describes LightSail 2's final testing.

22 Laying the Groundwork: Jason Callahan shares our hopes for space exploration in the next four years.


4 Your Place in Space Bill Nye on wins, losses, and forging ahead.

17 Volunteer Spotlight Planetary Ambassadors.

21 What’s Up? Venus, Jupiter, and a solar eclipse.

The Planetary Report • December Solstice 2016

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