The Planetary Report • March/April 2007

Europe Goes to Mars

On the Cover: The European Space Agency's <i>Mars Express</i> captured this image—a mosaic of overlapping images gathered during five separate orbits of Galle crater, also known informally as "Happy Face" crater. The impact crater is located on the eastern rim of the Argyre Planitia impact basin near 51 degrees south latitude and 329 degrees east longitude. A large stack of layered sediments forms an outcrop in the southern part of the crater (lower part of the image). Several parallel gullies, possible evidence of liquid water on the Martian surface, originate at the inner crater walls of the southern rim. The friendly "face" was first pointed out in images taken by NASA's <i>Viking 1</i> orbiter in 1976.


4 In the Dark at the Red Planet: Doug Ellison reports on Rosetta's Mars flyby.

8 Europe's First Trip to Mars: A.J.S. Rayl showcases the Mars Express mission.

16 Annual Report to our Members Neil deGrasse Tyson gives an update on society projects and budgets from FY2006.


7 World Watch NASA and ROSCOSMOS budgets; International Lunar Decade proposal; upcoming lunar missions

18 We Make it Happen! Bruce Betts briefs on the recent happenings of the New Horizons mission.

20 Q&A What is the geology of Mars' Beagle crater? Why are experts against breaking up asteroids?

21 Factinos Finding exoplanets with Spitzer; accelerating asteroids

22 Society News 50th anniversary of the Space Age

22 Members' Dialogue Why do we explore space?

The Planetary Report • March/April 2007

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