The Planetary Report • November/December 2006

Rock On, Rovers!

On the Cover: We had to do it. When this amazing orbital view of Mars’ Victoria crater and the <i>Opportunity</i> rover appeared on our computer screens, we knew it was so cool that we simply had to swap it for the cover image we’d planned. We wanted to run it as large as possible, so we spread it out over both the front and back covers. This view is cropped and enlarged from a larger image showing the entire crater. For more details, see the back cover caption, and for an annotated version of this picture, see page 15.


6 Where Would We Be Without Carl? Ann Druyan reflects on Carl Sagan's impact 10 years after his death.

12 Photographing Mars: Jim Bell shares his favorite images from Spirit and Opportunity.


3 Members' Dialogue Letters to our article authors

4 We Make it Happen! The Planetary Society and the Mars Phoenix lander

19 World Watch NASA budget; Venus Express

20 Q&A How is "sea level" defined on other planets?

20 Factinos Saturn's rings and small moons; exoplanets galore

22 Society News Special discounts for members

The Planetary Report • November/December 2006

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