The Planetary Report • September/October 2006

SMART-1 at the Moon

On the Cover: <i>SMART-1</i>, Europe’s first mission to the Moon, is a success! Designed to test technologies, such as deep space electric propulsion, for future interplanetary missions (the spacecraft reached the Moon using only 60 liters, or just under 16 gallons, of fuel), <i>SMART-1</i> is a sparkling example of international cooperation among Europe, the United States, Japan, and India.


6 Our Adventures With Juno: Dave Stevenson and Ari Berlin bridge generations with NASA's latest mission to Jupiter.

9 Out of This World Books: Recommended space literature for your home library.

12 SMART-1: Europa at the Moon: Bernard Foing tells the story of Europe's first lunar mission.


3 Members' Dialogue What is a planet?

4 We Make it Happen! Stardust@home goes live; Mars analogue expeditions

18 World Watch Forced resignations and changes in mission statements at NASA

19 Society News The Society welcomes a new international volunteer leader

20 Q&A Determining food requirements for astronauts

21 Factinos Cassini finds lakes on Titan; Pluto no longer a "planet"

The Planetary Report • September/October 2006

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