The Planetary Report • November/December 2005

It's Our 25th Anniversary!

On the Cover: In 1980, Bruce Murray, Carl Sagan, and Louis Friedman formed The Planetary Society. This collection of photos represents some of the many facets of our history, of the future we hope for, and of the mission we strive for—to explore other worlds and to seek other life.


6 Only the Beginning: The First 25 Years of The Planetary Society: Charlene Anderson looks at our history, our accomplishments, and readying ourselves for the future.

12 Our Next Age of Exploration: Louis Friedman and Neil deGrasse Tyson look toward our future.

17 Bill Nye Looks at Our Past and Our Future: Bill Nye shares his personal story of how he got involved with the Society and his dreams of where we are headed.


3 Members' Dialogue The asteroid threat, the space shuttle, and Voyager

4 We Make it Happen! 25 years in planetary science

18 World Watch Human spaceflight and current robotic missions

19 Society News The society adds to its board of directors

20 Q&A How can we image the surface of Venus? Do we assign coordinates to stars?

The Planetary Report • November/December 2005

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