The Planetary Report • May/June 2002

From Earth to Mars

On the Cover: Pascal Lee, project lead and principal investigator of the NASA Haughton-Mars Project (HMP), and his brother, camp doctor Marco Lee (left), donned mock spacesuits, made by Mars Society volunteers, to rappel down a cliff face on Canada’s Devon Island. They examined stratified rock formations and collected samples along the way. The exercise, part of the HMP's education and public outreach program, was aimed at sharing the vision—and the promise—of human exploration of Mars. <br \=""> Although hard to see, the rope used by the intrepid explorers actually extends down to the base of the cliff. Pascal warns, “Don’t try this at home!”


4 Mars Microphone Flies Again: Greg Delory brings Society members up-to-date on our pioneering project.

10 From Earth to Mars Part Two: Robots and Humans Working Together: Pascal Lee reports on the Haughton Mars Project team's efforts to understand what it will take for humans to explore Mars.

18 Student Navigators Train with the Best: Emily Stewart Lakdawalla updates on the second leg of the Red Rover Goes to Mars project.


3 Members' Dialogue Let's go to Europa; lunar outposts

17 World Watch The Planetary Society campaigns to save U.S. missions to Europa and Pluto, China launches its Shenzou spaceraft, and MESSENGER passes a huge milestone

20 Q&A How fast does Earth rotate? Can radio telescopes in space hunt for exoplanets?

22 Society News Volunteer and Society activities around the world

The Planetary Report • May/June 2002

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