The Planetary Report • September/October 1990

10th Anniversary Issue

On the Cover: A <i>Voyager 1</i> portrait of Saturn appeared on the cover of the first Planetary Report. Ten years later, we print a recently created computer-mosaic of images captured by <i>Voyager 2</i>. These colors were generated by combining images taken through the blue, green and ultraviolet filters on <i>Voyager</i>'s camera, giving this image a slightly purplish tint. Four satellites appear with their parent planet; from left to right, Mimas and its shadow on Saturn, Tethys and its shadow, Dione and Rhea.


4 The Next Ten Years: The Planetary Society's Officers Look to its Future: Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray, and Louis Friedman give their visions for the Society.

6 A Decade of SETI: Thomas McDonough looks back on our search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

8 The 1990s: A New Decade of Discovery? Members of the our Board of Directors and Advisory Board share their visions of what goals the Society should set its sights on during the next decade.

10 Flying Snakes on Mars: The Planetary Society Mars Balloon Project: Harris "Bud" Schurmeier briefs our members on this exciting Society project.

12 Our Members Remember: Ten Years With the Planetary Society (And on to the Next Ten): Society members share their impressions of our last decade, and what they would like to see happen during the next one.

14 Asteroids in Your Future—The Next Decade of The Asteroid Project: Eleanor Helin attempts to foretell what will be done with near-Earth asteroids over the next 10 years.

16 Glimpses of a Goddess—The Arecibo Radar Looks at Venus: David Campbell and Charlene Anderson bring us new views of the Venusian surface.

19 Sister Worlds: Earth and Venus: Susan Lendroth introduces a new slide set available for teachers.

20 Seeding the Future: Ten Years of Planetary Society Support for Small but Significant Projects: Charlene Anderson summarizes the projects we've helped support over the past decade.

22 Students: Help Send Us "Together to Mars": Barbara Bruning-LaBelle announces a new contest for students.

23 The Volunteer Network—A Vital Link: Carlos Populus explains how you can help us!


24 World Watch House discussions on SETI; troubles with Hubble.

26 News & Reviews Hubble through a glass half full.

27 Society Notes Asteroid trackers and scholarship winners.

28 Q&A What causes volcanic activity on Io?

The Planetary Report • September/October 1990

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