The Planetary Report • September/October 1982

Mars at Crescent

On the Cover: Mars was photographed by the <i>Viking</i> spacecraft on their approaches in 1976. Two orbiters and two landers surveyed and sampled the Red Planet, returning data on its weather, geology, and lack of biology.


4 Sounds from Space: Frederick Scarf discusses the technology and science behind recording "sound" in space.

7 Charting a Course for Spaceship Earth: Humankind in the Solar System: Brian O'Leary looks at the argument of man vs. machine and the expansion of humanity beyond Earth.

10 The Viking Legacy: John Spencer showcases some of the stunning images Viking has sent back from Mars.

15 A Talk with Burt Edelson: Louis Friedman sits down with the Associate Administrator for Space Science and Applications at NASA.


18 News & Reviews The politics of space; the climate of our own planet.

19 Society Notes Growth of The Planetary Society.

20 Q&A Diverting satellites; new planets in the Solar System.

21 Washington Watch NASA budget and its effects on planned missions.

The Planetary Report • September/October 1982

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