The Planetary Report is the internationally recognized flagship magazine of The Planetary Society, featuring lively articles and full-color photos to provide comprehensive coverage of discoveries on Earth and other planets.

This quarterly magazine reaches members of The Planetary Society all over the world, with news about planetary missions, spacefaring nations, intrepid explorers, planetary science controversies and the latest findings in humankind's exploration of the solar system.

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Past Issues of The Planetary Report

The Planetary Report®
Mars at Crescent

Sounds from Space, by Frederick L. Scarf; Charting a Course for Spaceship Earth: Humankind in the Solar System, by Brian O'Leary; The Viking Legacy, by John Spencer; A Talk with Burt Edelson, by Louis Friedman

The Planetary Report®
Sampling the Moon

Discovering an Asteroid, by Eleanor F. Helin; The Care and Feeding of Lunar Samples: The Lunar Curatorial Facility, by Michael Drake; Harold Clayon Urey, by Carl Sagan

The Planetary Report®
Mount St. Helens

Volcanism in the Solar System, by Michael H. Carr; A Talk with George Keyworth, by Louis Friedman; Soviets Host International SETI Conference, by Jon Lomberg

The Planetary Report®
South Pole of Io

A Talk with Hans Mark, by Louis Friedman; Comments on the Crisis in Planetary Exploration, by Carl Sagan; A Talk with Eugene Levy, by Louis Friedman; Detour Assists Galileo Mission, by Louis Friedman; Arabian Astronomy, by Farouk El-Baz

The Planetary Report®
Saturn's Atmosphere

U.S. Space Science and Technology, by James A. Van Allen; Weather on Saturn—The Second Voyager Look, by Garry E. Hunt; Probing Saturn's Rings, by Arthur L. Lane, Richard B. Pomphrey, and Larry W. Esposito; DPS Notes: A Report from the Division for Planetary Sciences, by Jon Lomberg

The Planetary Report®
Return to the Rings

Encounter Diary, by Anita M. Sohus; Return to the Rings, by Richard J. Terrile; Radio Science at Saturn, by Von R. Eshelman and G. L. Tyler; Planetfest '81: Celebration and Hope, by Linda Bridge Beek; Understanding the Earth's Weather and Climate, by Moustafa T. Chahine

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