Planetary Radio Episode Listings for Radio

Welcome to the Planetary Radio Broadcast Archive!

For over 20 years, we've been proud to bring Planetary Radio to our dedicated listeners. However, after careful consideration, we've decided to discontinue our traditional broadcast distribution.

Within this archive, you'll find our catalog of shows:

  1. Podcast Episodes (Aug. 9, 2023 - Present): These MP3 recordings are more evergreen and typically run about one hour in duration. They may include Planetary Society PSAs, advocacy actions, membership advertisements, and other calls to action. The timing of these CTAs are noted in the rundown for each episode, which can be found in the metadata comments on each episode file. File format: 192 kbps stereo MP3.
  2. Broadcast Versions (Dec. 7, 2015 - Aug. 2, 2023): Each show is precisely 28:50. File format: 192 kbps stereo MP3.
  3. Earlier Broadcasts (Oct. 31, 2005 - Nov. 30, 2015): Each show has a duration of 28:50. File format: 128 kbps stereo MP3s.

Radio stations are welcome to air any of these episodes for free.

For further details on individual episodes, please visit our main website at

For inquiries or support, contact Sarah Al-Ahmed, the host and producer of Planetary Radio, at [email protected].

Thank you again for being an integral part of the Planetary Radio family. We look forward to continuing our cosmic journey together through the wonders of our podcast and beyond.