Planetary Radio • May 07, 2012

Planetary Astronomer Franck Marchis

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Marchis franck

Franck Marchis

Senior Planetary Astronomer, SETI Institute & Chief Scientific Officer, Unistellar

Based now at the SETI Institute’s Carl Sagan Center, Franck Marchis recently visited the Planetary Society for a conversation with host Mat Kaplan. He uses several of Earth’s most powerful telescopes to study what he calls multiple asteroid systems. Emily Lakdawalla dons her 3D glasses for a spectacular view of a lunar crater. Bill Nye can’t seem to stay away from Washington DC! And that’s where Bruce Betts and Mat went for a very special What’s Up segment in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum. They play a live version of the space trivia game, and they give listeners yet another chance to win.

Trivia Contest

This week's prize is a Planetary Radio T-shirt.

This week's question:
Who sat in the middle seat of the Apollo 11 Command Module at launch?

To submit your answer:
Send an email no later than Monday, May 7, at 2 pm Pacific time to [email protected] containing:

Last week's question:
How many independent flights did shuttle Enterprise make? That is, tests for which it was separated from the carrier aircraft.

Coming soon in next week's show!

Question from the week before:
What were the first types of amphibians in space, and what year did it or they launch?

The first amphibians to reach Earth orbit were frogs, flown by the Soviet Union back in 1961.