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Andrew ChaikinMay 4, 2012

Video: We Must Explore

Planetary exploration is in trouble. Massive budget cuts threaten to starve NASA’s planetary program for years to come. Unless these cuts are reversed, there will be none of the planned Flagship missions like the Mars sample return and the Jupiter Europa orbiter. And even the pace of smaller missions in the Discovery and New Frontiers class will be greatly slowed, choking the pipeline that sustains education and research in planetary science. Many high-tech jobs will be lost as a result. Young space scientists and engineers will have their futures stolen. And one of the brightest lights drawing young people to study science, math and engineering will be dimmed.

We can’t let this happen. We must fight back. I’m fighting back with passion—passion for the incredible adventure that began half a century ago and has given us countless wonders and amazing discoveries. The exploration of the solar system is one of the things that make me glad to be alive, and I refuse to let it go. I’ve made this video as a call to action, and I invite you to share it with your family and friends.

If you are as angered and frightened by this situation as I am, I ask you to make your voice heard. Tell Congress exploration is not a luxury, that it’s one of the most important and productive things we do for our economy, our global competitiveness, and our young people.

Please share this video. And tell Washington, “We Must Explore.”

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