Planetary Radio • Nov 19, 2012

Dawn Mission Update and At Home With Marc Rayman

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Rayman Marc 200909

Marc Rayman

Chief Engineer for Mission Operations and Science, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

After a very productive and exciting year orbiting Vesta, Dawn has fired up its ion engine and headed for the solar system's biggest asteroid, Ceres. Mission Director and Chief Engineer Marc Rayman tells us all is well, and there's much more science ahead. Don't miss the video tour of ulta space enthusiast Marc's home! Emily celebrates the public release of Dawn's data about Vesta, while Bill Nye reports on a meeting with top NASA administrators. While Bill's away, Mat and Bruce will play in his office. Check out the toys and the night sky in this week's What's Up.

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Trivia Contest

This week's prize is a beautiful and informative 2013 Year In Space wall calendar.

This week's question:
What is the third most common element in the photosphere of the Sun by weight?

To submit your answer:
Send an email no later than Monday, November 26, at 2 pm Pacific time to [email protected] containing:

Last week's question:

Last week's question:
What was the first and only radio station to broadcast the first episode of Planetary Radio?

The answer will be revealed next week.

Question from the week before:
What was the last space mission that launched exactly two people?

The Chinese Shenzhou 6 mission in 2005