Planetary Radio • Jul 16, 2012

Fire and Ice With Volcanologist Rosaly Lopes

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Rosaly Lopes

Senior Research Scientist/Manager for Planetary Science for Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JPL volcanologist Rosaly Lopes has discovered more volcanos than anyone else, including 71 on Jupiter’s moon Io.  She is fascinated by these fiery (and sometimes frigid) features of our dynamic solar system, and shared her love of them at the recent SETIcon. Emily Lakdawalla talks about a newly-discovered moon of Pluto, while Bill Nye celebrates more humans on the ISS. Bruce and Mat welcome a celebrity Random Space Fact provider on What's Up.

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Who comprises International Space Station Expedition 32? (Six people.)

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Last week's question:
Where in the solar system is crater Nyele?

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Question from the week before:

Approximately how many times has the Sun gone around the galactic center since our home star started nuclear fusion?

About 20 times, give or take.