Planetary Radio • Nov 08, 2016

Inside Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo

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Enrico Palermo

Executive Vice President and General Manager for The Spaceship Company

Host Mat Kaplan traveled to California’s Mojave Desert for a tour of Virgin Galactic’s The Spaceship Company, where the second SpaceShipTwo was built and is undergoing flight tests. TSC Executive VP Enrico Palermo was his guide. Emily Lakdawalla provides a taste of this busy month throughout the solar system. NASA has reached an important milestone according to Bill Nye the Science Guy. And “The Honeymooners” are Bruce and Mat’s special guests on Whats’ Up.

VSS Unity
VSS Unity Enrico Palermo and host Mat Kaplan pose in front of the “feathered” VSS Unity, SpaceShipTwo.Image: Enrico Palermo for The Spaceship Company
SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity in Flight
SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity in Flight The VMS Eve (Virgin Mother Ship) carrys VSS Unity (Virgin Spaceship) for its first flight ever over Mojave, CA on Thursday September 8, 2016.Image: Mark Greenberg / Virgin Galactic

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What supernova did famous astronomer Tycho Brahe observe?

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Like the Lord of the Rings? Let’s play “Where in the Solar System.” Where in the solar system is Gandalf Colles?


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What science instruments on New Horizons have names of characters from the old television series, “The Honeymooners?”


Ralph and Alice share names with characters on “The Honeymooners” (They aren’t acronyms!)