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Panorama of the "Shoreline" on Titan

Panorama of the

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ESA / NASA / JPL / UA; image processing and panorama: René Pascal

Panorama of the "Shoreline" on Titan
Panorama of the "Shoreline" on Titan, stitched from Huygens DISR Side-Looking and Medium-Resolution Imager raw data.

The individual raw images were recorded by the DISR instrument of Huygens while parachuting down to the surface of Titan. They were recorded from different viewpoints and heights, so often geometrical corrections as well as brightness and contrast corrections were necessary to many of the images to fit into the final panorama, that was manually stitched in Photoshop. This panorama was also published in the Nature Review: "The four hundred years of planetary science since Galileo and Kepler" by Joseph A. Burns, Nature 466, 575–584 (2010)

© This image is copyrighted with all rights reserved. Do not reuse in any way without permission. Contact us to request publication permission from the copyright holder: René Pascal

Original image data dated on or about January 14, 2005

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