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Planetary RadioJanuary 3, 2018

Looking Back, Looking Forward with the Planetary Society All-Stars

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On This Episode
Jason Davis thumbnail
Jason Davis

Editorial Director, The Planetary Society

Casey Profile Picture Thumbnail
Casey Dreier

Chief Advocate & Senior Space Policy Adviser, The Planetary Society

Emily Lakdawalla 2017 headshot square serene
Emily Lakdawalla

Solar System Specialist, The Planetary Society

Mat’s first-ever four-way conversation with Jason Davis, Casey Dreier and Emily Lakdawalla reviews the biggest 2017 events in space exploration and provides their predictions of what to look for in the new year. Bruce Betts follows up with his own list of exciting highlights in a special edition of What’s Up.

Falcon Heavy on the pad


Falcon Heavy on the pad
SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket stands vertical at its launch pad at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, Dec. 28, 2017.

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Trivia Contest

This week's prizes are a Planetary Society t-shirt and a 200-point astronomy account.

This week's question:

Who chose the names of the Galilean moons of Jupiter?

To submit your answer:

Complete the contest entry form at or write to us at no later than Wednesday, January 10th at 8am Pacific Time. Be sure to include your name and mailing address.

Last week's question:

What was the last successful Soviet mission to the Moon?


The answer will be revealed next week.

Question from the week before:

What two orbiters are part of the European Space Agency’s BepiColombo mission to Mercury?


The two orbiters that are part of European Space Agency BepiColombo mission to Mercury are the Mercury Planetary Orbiter and the Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter.

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