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Javier Peralta

Javier Peralta

Javier Peralta

Born in Algeciras, Spain, Javier Peralta is an astrophysicist who studies waves and cloud dynamics in Venus’ atmosphere. He has experience in analysis of Venus Express data but currently holds an International Top Young Fellowship on the Akatsuki mission.

Latest Planetary Radio Appearance

Exploring Venus, Earth's Mysterious Sister Planet

November 06, 2019 • 49:53

Astrophysicist Javier Peralta, a team member on Japan's Akatsuki mission, takes us deep into Venus's thick, fast-moving clouds.

Latest Blog Posts

Venus’ Ocean of Air and Clouds

September 03, 2019

Javier Peralta plumbs the depths of Venus’ atmosphere through the eyes of the Venus Express and Akatsuki orbiters.

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