Emily LakdawallaMar 17, 2010

Propose for a Shoemaker Near Earth Object Grant

Are you a serious amateur astronomer who enjoys the challenge of following up on the discoveries of faint near-Earth objects? Would an upgrade to your equipment make you more productive? Then propose for the 2010 round of The Planetary Society's Shoemaker Near-Earth Object Grant Program, launched today. This program counts as one of the Society's greatest successes, where a relatively small amount of money provided entirely by donations from our generous members has made a big difference in our knowledge of the hazards in the space environment near Earth.

The due date for proposals is June 10, 2010.

The Threat Is Real

And the answer is science … powered by you! As a Planetary Society supporter, you’re part of our mission to defend Earth from the only large-scale disaster we can prevent—an asteroid or comet impact. With a gift of any amount, you can help decrease the risk of Earth being hit.

Defend Earth