Jennifer VaughnJun 27, 2014

LightSail is Ready for Launch! Join Us as the Countdown Begins

After years of careful development supported by members like you, we’re ready to celebrate. We hope you can join us for a live webcast on Wednesday, July 9 from 7:00—8:30 p.m. PDT as we make a major announcement about our solar sail spacecraft, LightSail 1. Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye and Planetary Radio host Mat Kaplan will welcome special guests, including LightSail Program Manager Doug Stetson. 

Solar sailing. It has been called the only practical way to reach the stars, but driving spacecraft across the solar system with the pressure of sunlight also offers big advantages over traditional rocket engines. Closer to home, solar sails may give us access to unique orbits for vital Earth science and space weather missions.  

LightSail will spread its silver wings once it reaches orbit, becoming visible to nearly everyone on Earth as it demonstrates this promising new technology for space travel. You’ll hear about the mission, get an inside look at this tiny, highly-innovative CubeSat, and meet the engineer/explorers who built it. The evening will climax with an exciting announcement about how LightSail will begin its journey.

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In-person seating for the event is now full, but you can still follow the announcement live on the webcast. Thanks!

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