Bruce BettsMay 31, 2012

LightSail presented at Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium

I received a nice note from Chris Biddy about a presentation he gave a couple weeks ago about The Planetary Society's LightSail 1™ project. Chris is a LightSail team member and Vice President of Engineering at Stellar Exploration Inc. Here is what he reported:

"I presented a paper entitled "LightSail 1 solar sail design and qualification" at the 41st annual Aerospace Mechanism Symposium in Pasadena CA on May 18th. The paper covered the overall design and configuration of the spacecraft as well as lessons learned during development. The audience of about 300 people were very interested and many good questions were asked about the design and function of the solar sail. Many TPS members were involved in the conference and were very excited to see the progress of LightSail 1."

His presentation gives an overview of LightSail and then focuses in on some of the mechanical aspects of the spacecraft as well as some of the testing and has some excellent images and diagrams. Check it out.

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