Emily LakdawallaMay 01, 2006

New items on the website: Rover update and Stardust@home

I just wanted to point out a couple of new items on the website. A. J. S. Rayl has posted another of her lengthy and very detailed updates on the status of both Mars Exploration Rovers.

And there are two items of note on Stardust@home: as Amir Alexander writes, scanning of the aerogel collector has begun at Johnson Space Center. This is the necessary step required before all of you who signed up can begin work on the Stardust@home project. Also, today's Planetary Radio features an interview with Stardust science team member Andrew Westphal, who's coordinating the Stardust@home project.

And now to try to make some sense of my 15 pages of notes from today's VEXAG meeting. Stay tuned...

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