Emily LakdawallaMay 24, 2018

Approaching Mars on Spaceship Earth

One of the great things about space exploration is how it can shift your perspective. And you don't even need to leave home. Here we all are in our spaceship Earth, approaching planet Mars, the planet slowly looming larger in our forward view.

Approaching Mars from spaceship Earth, early 2018
Approaching Mars from spaceship Earth, early 2018 Damian Peach assembled this montage of images taken from January through April, 2018, with a 1-meter remote-controlled telescope in Chile. During this period the distance separating Mars and Earth decreased from 284 to 129 million kilometers, and the angular diameter went from 4.8" to 10.8".Image: Damian Peach / Chilescope team

Two days ago was Mars' equinox, so as we continue to approach Mars toward opposition on July 27, we'll see the planet tip backward more and more, giving us a better and better view of its frosty south pole. Read more about the opposition and observing Mars at space.com.

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