Casey DreierApr 25, 2018

Introducing Space Advocacy 101

Space Advocacy 101 is the course I wish I could have taken when I first entered the field of space policy.

I designed this course to provide you with an overview of important aspects of space policy that make you a better advocate: how Congress works, how to read White House budget requests, and how to communicate effectively with your elected officials.

Taking this course will help you participate better in our year-round work in space policy and advocacy in Washington, D.C.

We decided to make this free for our members. You can take the course here. 

Space Advocacy 101 exists thanks to the thousands of Planetary Society members and supporters who donated to our program in 2017. They enabled us to devote time and resources to this unique product, and we could not have done it without them. Indeed, we are again raising funds for our Space Policy & Advocacy program for 2018, which allows us to pursue these types of projects on your behalf. Please consider supporting us this year.

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