Emily LakdawallaJan 17, 2006

New Horizons launch scrubbed for today.

Well, it was a nail-biting morning and too bad that New Horizons didn't go but these things happen pretty frequently -- in fact I understand that only about 1 in 3 launches go as scheduled on the first day of their launch periods (I'd be interested in people telling me if that number is correct, I don't have a source for it). Weather is a common problem, and it's the best kind of problem to have -- which is to say I'd much rather see weather problems than spacecraft or launch vehicle anomalies.

So, I'll move straight on and do other stuff today, and watch again tomorrow. The launch window opens 8 minutes earlier tomorrow than it did today, so that will be at 10:16 am my time, 18:16 UTC.

By the way, here's a handy table of the launch times over the next many days.

Amir Alexander is writing up a story about today's launch attempt, and you can look for that on the homepage before too long. Thanks for reading and let's all keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow or Thursday!

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