Day of Action Testimonials

Below is a sampling of testimonials provided by previous participants of The Planetary Society's Day of Action.

"Participating in last years Day of Action was my first chance to actually do something meaningful for the field I hope to one day be a part of. If you love seeing what NASA can do, you should come and show your support this year in DC!"
—Makenzie L.

"Until my first Day of Action, I always thought of the government as Them.  Now I think of it as Us. "
—Laurel B.

"I took the opportunity to do something I'd never done before and participate in the Planetary Society's Day of Action for 2019, and was glad that I did. It not only provided the opportunity to connect with fellow Planetary Society members who are very passionate about space and politics, it also allowed me to exercise my rights as an American citizen - to discuss my thoughts and hopes for our future as Americans in space with my elected Federal representatives. If you have the opportunity in 2020 to take advantage of this event along with your fellow Planetary Society members, it's your time to advocate for space!"
—Christopher M.

"In 2019, the pre-visit tutorial was invaluable for understanding how our government works at all levels. The visit to NASA was inspiring. The training session was practical and down-to-earth as well as giving us a chance to meet our fellow Planetary Society members across our state and country.  To see representatives' and senators' offices was interesting and yielded the names of the staff members to contact with further communications."
—Jan C.

"The Day of Action was an incredible opportunity and experience. Not only did it make you feel more connected to The Planetary Society, but it made you feel proud of our government and the process by which you can advocate as an American citizen."
—Lee S.

"Every aspect of the experience was incredibly rewarding, but one part which I didn't expect to be so enriching, and downright revelatory, was our day of training prior to going up to the Hill. I've supported the Planetary Society and NASA my entire life, and yet it wasn't until this super fun and super informative day of learning and strategizing that I discovered how much how much NASA touches communities all over the entire country.

The next day, meeting so many of our Representatives and Senators and all their staff members gave me an incredibly powerful vision of how Planetary Society works with Congress to support NASA. By the end of that epic day, I had a deeply felt appreciation for this "other side of the world," so different from the faces of engineers and astronauts who represented NASA in my mind. Above all, I got to understand the role that we passionate, enthusiastic citizens play in ensuring the continuation and growth of NASA's amazing endeavors."
—Philip S.

"I can’t tell you how wonderfully, awesomely inspiring it was to be able to personally make a difference in the 2019 Day of Action, meeting with actual policy makers of space and space exploration.  Meeting Casey and his team.  Wandering the halls of Congress.  A briefing at NASA HQ.  What are you waiting for?  Join us."
—David K.

"As I am a late bloomer in my passion for space, participating in the day of action has introduced me to people similar to myself and others who have dedicated their lives with this love of the cosmos. It is an extremely fulfilling experience to help promote funding for NASA and instill the importance of supporting it to the decision-makers in our government."
—Marko K.

The Day of Action

The Day of Action brings together The Planetary Society members and members of Congress during this premier space advocacy event.