Planetary Video

Q and the infinite possibilities of space exploration

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Star Trek has always represented the hope for a better future. I don't think you can have that without pushing boundaries. And in the case of space, that is all that we're doing is pushing those boundaries and finding out more. Always finding out more. And I think it's really important as a human being, as a society to be able to do something like that. And this is where we do it. 200, 300 years ago, we did it on sailing ships across the ocean.

Space is important to me because it's kind of a metaphor for risk taking, tremendous rewards, possible rewards, being more expansive in one's thinking, and opening oneself up to the infinite possibilities.

Probably the biggest thing that differentiates Star Trek from almost everything else is the community in which you enter. Well, The Planetary Society is that type of a community.

Crowd: "Change the world!"

If you share, like me, the need to expand into infinite possibilities, as my character does in Star Trek and as I have said to Picard on more than one occasion, then certainly joining The Planetary Society is a good way to go.

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